I'm Amanda and I’m passionate about creating a well loved and well lived in home for my family and I Iove to help others do the same! 

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Cut Flower Gardening for Beginners


June 18, 2020


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  1. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to do a guest post on your blog! I hope these tips are helpful as people are getting started!

  2. Karen Snyder says:

    Thanks so much for these great tips!! I am starting a cut flower garden this year and your advice helped so much!!

  3. Leslie says:

    Such a great idea and your garden is so pretty!

  4. Janine Waite says:

    Jennifer’s flower garden is so fantastic! Now I have a resource for when we create a cut garden next year! Thanks for the great blog post!

  5. So many wonderful tips on getting started with a cutting garden. it has always been a dream of mine! I love the idea of walkiing into the garden with clippers and a bucket of water to fill and then make small arrangements for all over the house and to give to friends

  6. Wow! Her garden is truly gorgeous! I love the idea of growing a cutting garden. Thanks for the ideas and tips!

  7. Rose says:

    How do you keep rabbits from eating your flowers?

    • Amanda says:

      Hi! Jen says that bunnies are tough! There are some pellets you can buy, but the best bet is to grow varieties that they don’t like or to raise and fence your beds!

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