I began The Ginger Home in the fall of 2018 with a single, random post on Instagram. It was a picture taken with my very old phone of some flowers Elizabeth had brought home for me.

It sounds silly, but I was terrified of putting myself out there and of taking a "risk" by posting that image.

I had no idea where taking that first step would lead... I can tell you now it led to endless hours of learning and growing and flat out being uncomfortable most of the time lol!! But it also led to personal growth, new relationships and exciting changes!

Thinking about becoming a creative entrepreneur or need a little help?

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The Business of Blogging

My story

blogging, like any creative business endeavour, is hard work! but you can save so much time (and tears!) with the right knowledge base!

That's why I'm creating a blogging course for beginners launching soon...

blogging 101 for beginners

Lifestyle Blogging Bootcamp

course coming 2021!
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Starting a blog can be incredibly intimidating and I’m not going to lie, there’s A LOT to know. In this post, I’m going to break down how to choose where to host and how to design your new blog. I’m going to tell you the mistakes I made when I started and what I use […]


I’ve been asked a lot about how I grew my Instagram account and continue to gain followers on Instagram. I grew my account to 10K followers on Instagram in about 6 months, which seems like fast growth to some and slow to others. It’s all relative and I am no expert, but I’m happy to […]