I began my essential oils journey when I was searching for ways to help my oldest daughter sleep. I discovered oils and dove headfirst into learning everything I could about living an oily lifestyle! And I would love to help you learn too!

Essential Oils

why I love essential oils and use them daily

We no longer use harmful chemical soaps, lotions, candles or perfumes in our house! 

We have replaced many everyday items that contain harmful toxins with pure plant-based essential oil products. 

We use oils for everything from cooking, to hormone support, to household cleaning! And it’s really simple to get started!  

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Young Living Essential Oils really have made a difference in our family’s quality of life and I believe in sharing things that work for me and that make my life better! I genuinely love essential oils and want to share that love with you! So let’s dive in… WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS? “An essential oil […]


Every day in the month of June I will be posting a new way I use essential oils in my every day life on my Instagram stories @thegingerhome. And I will also post the recipes here each day so they are easy to find! I use essential oils in so many ways and I have […]


Why I started using Essential Oils I started using essential oils because I was looking for a way to help my daughter sleep. My youngest falls asleep easily and quickly, but my eldest has inherited my busy mind. She struggles with anxiety at bedtime and has a hard time quieting both her thoughts and her emotions. […]