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What are essential oils?

and how do you use them

Essential oils are the essence of plants, and other natural elements distilled into concentrated drops of goodness!

Essential oils have been used in traditionally for thousands of years and can support everything from immunity to sleep issues to natural beauty routines to non-toxic cleaning  to hormonal & emotional wellness!

There are 3 main ways of using essential oils. They can be diffused, topically applied or, in some cases, ingested.


How do you get started ?

using essential oils

Young Living offers essential oils and essential oil infused products for home, beauty, cleaning, cooking, and so much more... It's easy to switch out toxic household products for safe, clean & natural products from Young Living.

And you are never left on your own, wondering what to do with your new oils. We provide education, resources and support to help you in your journey to a happier, healthier home!

When you sign up with me you get one-on-one support from yours truly, but also access to our very active and helpful Facebook group of currently 10K members!


not sure if oils are for you, or  which oils you would want?

Which essential oils
should you try?

let's figure out which essential oils might be right for you!


Disclaimer: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only and in no way is intended as medical advice.                         

A close up of a bottle of natural household cleaner

This past year cleaning our homes has been a hot topic! I’ve heard a lot of talk about cleaning with Tide powder, bleach etc… but the chemicals in most commercial cleaning products are just plain scary. By eliminating toxins from our daily cleaning rituals in the house, we give our immune systems one less thing […]


Fall Essential Oils

Fall is my favourite season! Bring on the crisp air, changing colours, spiced cider, blanket scarves and pumpkin picking! There’s almost nothing I like better than savouring a hot chai latté and strolling through crisp fallen leaves in a favourite cozy knit! Fall is also my favourite season for essential oils. The smells of nutmeg, […]


Cherry creamsicles with fresh cherries on plate

These simple Cherry Ningxia Creamsicles are not only fruity and delicious, but they are packed with superfoods and antioxidant goodness! My girls love these and I love that they are getting a healthy treat that isn’t full of high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. They are easy to make and provide a refreshing boost […]


Why Young Living?

purity & Trust

Not all essential oils are created equal! The oils you find in big box and even health food stores can contain fillers, additives and preservatives!

I choose to buy my oils from Young Living because they rigorously control their production process. They produce high quality and pure oils from their own farms! They control the process from start to finish and offer a "Seed to Seal" guarantee.

They are also the original essential oil company and have been in business for over 25 years!

Join the team!

 COMMUNITY & income opportunity

If you've been stuck in a job you hate, wish you could spend more time at home with your kids, or are looking for a creative outlet for your business minded inner boss, then this opportunity is for you!!

I started the business side of Young Living because I loved my essential oils so much, I was telling everyone about them! I'm so glad I said yes to the business. I've met amazing friends, I've helped myself and my family transition to a healthier, less toxic lifestyle and I've created extra income! And you can too!

See the Young Living Income Disclosure and envision the possibilities!

Want to learn more about essential oils or the business opportunity?


Ready to jump in and try essential oils? You will LOVE them I promise!