I'm Amanda and I’m passionate about creating a well loved and well lived in home for my family and I I'd love to help you do the same! 

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Cherry creamsicles with fresh cherries on plate

Super Antioxidant Cherry Ningxia Creamsicles


July 23, 2020

These simple Cherry Ningxia Creamsicles are not only fruity and delicious, but they are packed with superfoods and antioxidant goodness! My girls love these and I love that they are getting a healthy treat that isn’t full of high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors. They are easy to make and provide a refreshing boost […]


Young Living essential oil products for summer sitting on top of a sun hat

Sizzling Summer Essential Oil Ideas

Essential Oils

July 6, 2020

There are so many ways to use your essential oils this summer! Stay cool and beat the heat with these favourite recipes, blends & hacks! Enjoy the sunshine, sparkling water, ice cream, sandy toes and backyard bbqs…here are some sizzling summer essential oil ideas to help you make the most of the season! Note: This […]


Bottle of Stress away essential oil held in front of diffuser

How To Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils

July 2, 2020

You don’t need to be an aromatherapy expert to use essential oils! This simple guide on how to use essential oils will give you the information you need to feel comfortable using oils in your home. We use essential oil products in our household for everything from getting a better night’s sleep to cleaning our […]



Cut Flower Gardening for Beginners


June 18, 2020

Having a cut flower garden has always been a dream of mine! But I’ve always been a little intimidated and I didn’t know where to start! So I asked my friend Jen at The Flowering Farmhouse for her advice on cut flower gardening for beginners! Why Start a Cut Flower Garden There’s something magical about […]


neutral clothing hanging on a rack

Feeling Overwhelmed? Try Moderate Minimalism!

Everyday Living

April 29, 2020

Have you been hearing about minimalism non-stop lately? Me too! And I’m loving it, but it’s also intimidating! The thought of giving up almost everything I own (especially with 2 kids at home) has always seemed unrealistic and out of reach! And I have to admit, I do love pretty things! Then I discovered moderate […]


a woman stands staring at mountains covered in trees

10 Things To Do When Social Distancing Ends


April 17, 2020

As much as is doesn’t feel like it right now, social distancing and the COVID 19 pandemic will eventually end. What will life look like when it’s over? In part, that’s up to us! Here are 10 things to do when social distancing ends… #1 Slow Down The number one thing I’ve learned so far […]


Marble pestle filled with flowers and an amber dropper bottle

Refreshing Spring Essential Oil Recipes!

Essential Oils

April 1, 2020

Spring is such a restorative time of year. Everything feels fresh and new…and sometimes a little muddy, but I like the rain! Here are some fun spring essential oil recipes, tips, and hacks to keep you energized and refreshed… If you are new to essential oils check out How to Use Essential Oils for an […]


Diffuser misting on table

7 Ways To Use Essential Oils For Stomach Flu

Essential Oils

January 5, 2020

So we got hit with the stomach flu last week. My 8-year-old daughter woke up at about midnight feeling hot and sick. Sure enough next came the rounds of vomiting and diarrhea! I was resigning myself to a sleepless night of sweaty sick smells and general misery when I remembered my essential oils! This was […]


A close up of a book and essential oils

25 Practical Ways to Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils

June 8, 2019

Essential oils can be used in so many ways besides making your home smell fresh! You can replace toxic products like candles, dryer sheets, makeup, cleaning products etc… with natural alternatives. You can use essential oils to support sleep, emotions, hormones, immunity and more. Here are 25 practical ways to use essential oils and some […]


rainbow of essential oils

Our Family’s Top 5 Essential Oil Uses

Essential Oils

May 10, 2019

This is our essential oil story… the ways oils benefit our family and how they could benefit yours too! Here are our family’s current top 5 essential oil uses and why we include oils in our life and home! Why I started using Essential Oils I started using essential oils because I was looking for […]


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hey there!

I'm Amanda and I’m passionate about creating a well loved and well lived in home for my family and I'd love to help you do the same! 

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