Life is better at the beach with all things Cali style. From surf shacks to luxe retreats, this style is relaxed, laid back and airy. Like a breath of fresh air. With lots of cozy elements added in to soften the light and bright feel!


it's so you!

Photo: The Ranch Uncommon

California casual is THE trending style right now! And for good reason. With earthy and cozy fabrics mixed with bright, light spaces, high ceilings and subtle nods to the beach, this style is relaxing, chic and oh so beautiful!

Elements you will find in California Casual homes:
drift wood, neutral colours, soft beachy tones, subtle art pieces, eclectic collections , baskets,  brass hardware, cozy fabrics, natural light, raw wood, seagrass, rattan,  salvaged items,  vintage rugs, woven items, plants

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Now that you know the style that feels like you it will be so much easier to create a cohesive design in your home and to find décor items that work!

Let's go shopping!

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Now that you know your style, take some time to clean, organize and purge items that aren't quite you! It's ok to send things to new homes that will appreciate them! Only keep what you truly use & love.
This will make room for your new style to evolve over time! 

Design Tip    

I'm so excited that you are on the path to creating a home you love!

Now that you know your modern & trending, yet timeless style you can start to shop and decorate with confidence and a clear idea of the design path to follow!

Remember, the best version of your home isn't what's popular, what's expensive, or what your neighbour has. It's what you love!

I'd love to see what you come up with, you can find me on Instagram @thegingerhome. I hang out there every day so come say hi!

I belive any home can be dreamy even if it's not your dream home!

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