This comprehensive decluttering guide gives you daily step-by-step instructions  to make the beautiful,  streamlined home you've been dreaming of a reality!

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The BAd NEWS...

We live in a society driven by consumption. A society that encourages us to feel like we need more, and more...and more!

the good news...

it's actually easy to simplify with
the 7 day declutter!

I would really love to declutter my home , but I don't have the time.

I would really love to declutter my home, but I don't know where to start.

I would really love to declutter my home, but I have kids. 

I would really love to declutter my home, but I'm not a minimalist. I need things!

I would really love to declutter my home, but I'm afraid I'll need something that I get rid of.
I would really love to declutter my home, but I've tried before and the mess just comes back!

Maybe you’ve felt like this before...

It's not your fault that you are feeling overwhelmed by "things"

sound familiar?

What does sleep have to do with decluttering?
The answer is A LOT!

When you live in a clean, organized and clutter free space, your daily routines become much more efficient...

Take 5 minutes instead of 15 to get dressed because all the clothing in your closet fits,  flatters and can be easily mixed and matched!

Take 20 minutes instead of 40 to cook dinner because the dishes are already done and put away, you know what you have in your pantry, and you have a plan.

Take 2 minutes to get out the door to drop the kids off for school because everyone knows where their shoes, backpacks, mittens etc.. are!

late nights. early mornings. who needs sleep anyway...

your home should operate like a well oiled machine and be a place where you can rest & relax as well as ....sleep!

Encourage you to be who you aspire to be in the future instead of who you were in the past.

Allow you to regain control. You own your things, they don't own you.

Give you a sense of peace and purpose as you let go of physical clutter and gain mental clarity.

Make your daily routines enjoyable and stress free!


When your home is clean, clutter free and organized in a way that makes it easy to maintain your life becomes less rushed, less frantic and less stressed!   

Imagine finally having the time to open that new book you've been meaning to read or have that cup of coffee on the deck in the morning!

when you have a plan

and guess what?

- devon w.

When we made the decision to attempt to make my 1350 sq. ft. cape cod liveable for a family of 6, it seemed an impossible task. Amanda truly helped me see how I could implement storage solutions that were both functional and stylish and that wouldn't break the bank. She has been an invaluable part of our renovation!

Amanda helped me see how I could implement storage solutions that were both functional and stylish...

the reviews

How to prevent your home from becoming cluttered again in the future.

How to deal with emotional items, and long term storage of memorabilia.

How to make decisions quickly about what to keep and what to donate.

How to create a capusule wardrobe that allows you to enjoy getting dressed.

How to manage thoughts and emotions that could be preventing you from letting gol

How to declutter each space in your home with specific actionable  steps.


7 DAY DECLUTTER is a specific, action based guide that will show you how to tackle each space in your home with maximum efficiency and minimum overwhelm.


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What you get...
60+ Pages including the following:

- Action checklists for each space
- Curated Pinterest Boards
- Organization Essentials 
- Organization tips & resources
- Maintenance Plan

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...

Bonuses : Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Planning sheets to stay on track as well as To Do Lists, Healthy Habits Checklists and Notes pages.

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We start on Day 1 with bathrooms! Bathrooms give you an easy win and allow you to enjoy the effects of  decluttering immediately in your daily routine!

We will ditch toxic, expired and unused products, create storage zones, deep clean and enjoy zen like serenity by the end of the day!

Bathroom Decluttering


The kitchen truly is the heart of the home and decluttering and organizing your kitchen and pantry spaces can dramatically change how you live in your space!

We will tackle the pantry, fridge & freezer, spices, cupboard & drawers until every last inch is neat & organized!

Kitchen & Pantry Decluttering 


This Day is life changing ! Not only will will clean out the bedroom to create a space that is restful & relaxing ; We also get to create a capsule wardrobe to make getting ready in the morning easy & fun!

There is so much more inside the guide! See you there!!

Bedroom & Closet Decluttering 




the topics

- kathy h.

Working through my space with Amanda's methods really helped me get clear on what I do and don't need. It has made me re-evaluate what I'm bringing into my home, and has saved me a lot of time and money wasted at Homesense! My life has been simplified, and as a result of these changes I truly believe there is less stress in my day to day.

Amanda's methods really helped me get clear on what I do and don't need.

the reviews

I started The Ginger Home in 2018 as a way to document my love for all things home! 

I'm a self confessed interior design, organization and home décor nerd and there's nothing I love more than helping you make your home dreamy even if it's not your dream home.

You can read more about me and The Ginger Home HERE.

i’m amanda. busy working mama of 2 little gingers 



frequently asked

The answer to this one is maybe! We all have different homes and different situations. If you are a  single person living in a 2 bedroom apartment you might go through this a lot faster than a family of 6. If you are a person looking to retire and downsize this might take a little longer as you sort through years of treasures. Take as long as you need! 

The beauty of this course is that it breaks the mammoth task of decluttering your entire home into bite size pieces. Each "Day" can be completed in one calendar day, or one week or one month! The important thing is to take it step by step, focusing on one task at a time and you WILL succeed! And I'm here if you need me. CONTACT ME.

This guide doesn't leave you to guess with generalized tips or vague instructions. It breaks each space down with actionable steps and checklists to follow. It's easy to follow and gives you tips on how to make the process speedy and painless! You can definitely do this! 

I will not be offering this course at this price for long so get your copy now!

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